Published on 12th March 2023
Author Sarah Charalambous

Yes folks…. The stadiums are being cleaned…….. Fences are being painted…….. Vans have been bought…….. Bikes are being warmed up …….

Season 2023 looms upon us with imminency.

For British speedway as a whole, to look at a few who will be coming to tapes this season, dare we say that we have a little bit of a resurgence ?

Jason Doyle is continuing with Ipswich but they also pull off the signing of Emil Sayfutdinov (which raises a political storm, but I’m not getting into that here – look what happened to Gary Lineker).

Niels-Kristian Iversen & Nicki Pedersen are signing with Peterborough (after initially it being Chris Holder that should’ve been lining up); Dan Bewley returning to Belle Vue; Max Fricke off to Leicester; Jack Holder staying with Sheffield and “our” David Bellego returning.………….

In regards to Bandits 2023, this has to be the first season in a while where I don’t know how I feel.

Whether that’s because we potentially have Redcar to piss on our parade in KO Cup action again, I don’t know……. But I’m not going in overly ambitious for a change.

Maybe that means I can just go and enjoy the racing come what may, we’ll see. I don’t deal well with defeat and maybe just thinking about maybe being KO’d in the Cup over the opening weekend has dampened some of my spirit – but of course, should we somehow overcome the Bears then that is a different kettle of fish — and my Bears-supporting friends would need to avoid me for sure!

And listen, before any one labels me being a bit of a glory hunter, I pay monthly into the 5-1 draw, I’m getting my season ticket and I’ll turn up every week and continue to support Berwick Speedway just like I have since I made my full time return as a supporter in 2001 (I went sporadically between 1993 to 2000).

It’s the Season Launch Party in the Black and Gold on Friday 24th, Press’n’Practice on track on the 25th – and Opening Night on April 1st – bring it all on!

Anyways, I’m gonna have to sit and mull over the next blog where I’ll lay predictions on the line for the season ahead!

What I can say now is……. I don’t think we’ll be bottom…………

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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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