Published on 14th September 2020
Author Dick Barrie

I’m totally and utterly fed up.

Folk think I’m a sort of playboy superstar, lounging about in my luxurious pied-a-terre, quaffing cocktails and nibbling platefuls of humming birds’ tongues in aspic.

All very well, but what people don’t see are the endless amount of hours spent helping old women across the road….

However, let’s look on the bright side – I was going to write “let’s stay positive” but that’s a phrase that’s rather taken on new meaning of late…….

Despite the latest big spike in outbreaks around the nation and provided the soaring rate of infection can be hauled back in over the next month, we’re back in business!

In just over four weeks’ time, we’ll be sorting out programme boards, checking on which items from the new 2020/21 range of merchandise we might need over the winter months, and counting down just how many sleeps there will be (currently 33) until the bikes are roaring……..

Naturally, I’m hoping things can get back onto an even keel before too long. However, I’m also thinking that were I too optimistic I’d be clutching at more straws than a scarecrow playing with itself.

I had always been confident we’d have speedway at Berwick this year.

I just didn’t know what form the meeting might take. I had thought it might be a Starza, or a bounce match between a Bandits’ select and some other squad — even a Bordernapolis – but at no time did I dare to dream of an official British Championship…….

This is the third most-important British individual title of any speedway year.

The GP winner at Cardiff, the British Champion and then the U-21 top dog — these are the titles the ACU/SCB look on as official, and – as the mighty Mythman told us last week – the U-21 winner has, more often than not gone onward and upward to greater things.

We have presented the last two U-21 title events, each of which displayed Robert Lambert’s supremacy, and another successful staging could well anchor the event to Shielfield for as long as we want it.

I’ve no doubt the new track shape will help the night’s racing and won’t hinder ticket applications from speedway aficionados from further afield, who will not just be desperate to see some real racing for a national title, but also be curious to check out the widened strip.

When I saw the footage from our closed-door sessions, my jaw fell to the floor — no mean feat with these chins – as I clocked the different lines being explored by the practising Banditos.

As I said above, we have to keep fingers crossed that the virus will level out again, and we will be allowed to invite ticket applications for our meeting.

All being well, this will bring the usual frisson of excitement any speedway connoisseur feels as the first meeting of the year approaches.

Obviously, this one is extra-special, being not just the first meeting of the 2020 season – but possibly the only one!

Which will give me an extraordinary feeling, bringing a sparkling degree of fizz, verve and energy to my old bones. Although the same could be said of a can of Red Bull, I suppose.

I get a tremendous buzz, heading into Shielfield Park on a Saturday night to watch speedway.

..…and to think there are people who need alcohol or sex to have fun……………….

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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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