Memorable Memorabilia

Published on 15th June 2020
Author Mythman

This lockdown lark is hard isn’t it?

You would think over time it would get easier, but it doesn’t. It just gets harder and gradually more monotonous as the hours roll into days, the days into weeks and weeks into months.

Is it frustrating?

You bet your bollocks to a barn dance it’s frustrating!

We now live in a world of madness where Basil Fawlty can’t be shown in some of his most iconic scenes for fear of offence, the same world where somehow it’s deemed acceptable for the most degrading of tasks to be carried out by fame hungry cretins, only for them to ultimately realize it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and perish in the aftermath.

However enough about the utter trash that TV has to offer and back to the task at hand…

It’s been well documented that it’s been a struggle to come up with stuff to talk about in relation to speedway over the last few months and that the well of inspiration has been running pretty dry.

However because I’m a right stubborn bugger, I have been doggedly determined to remain an ever present on here week on week in spite of there being no on track action to speak of…plus I want that wee asterisk next to my name that denotes ever present. (Speedway Star readers know what I’m talking about)

The subject of speedway memorabilia came up in conversation with Ian Gill on Facebook and I was trying to think of some of the obscure Bandits merchandise I have accrued over the years.

Truthfully though, outside of a few mugs, coasters, fridge magnets, hats and jackets, I don’t really think I own anything too out of the ordinary in terms of Bandits merchandise.

However that isn’t to say that I don’t own my fair share of other somewhat obscure memorabilia. Those who know me best will know that I’m an avid collector of action figures and such like and I’m fully aware that in other sports and forms of entertainment there is a vast array of merchandise available.

So with that in mind, in the unlikely scenario it was a warm summer evening at Shielfield, who wouldn’t want an Aaron Summers ice cream bar?

Who wouldn’t want a Dany Gappmier wig?

Who wouldn’t want a Jye Etheridge action figure with built in “Cookie Slaying” feature?

In this current climate and the world we live in, I reckon a Bandits face mask would be viewed as highly fashionable.

What obscure speedway merchandise would you like to see?

What obscure speedway merchandise do you wish you’d never seen?

Fire me an email or a message in the contacts down below and let me know.

Now…where did I lay my Bandits boxer shorts?

Of course if you wish to agree, or disagree with the Mythman, have an idea for a feature, or you simply want to chew the fat over all things speedway, you can email me or get in touch via the JB Speedway Media Facebook page. If your compliments, or indeed gripes can be contained to limited characters, you can send me a tweet @Mythman666.

Until next time…and there will be a next time.
Right I’ll hae’tae gan


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