Published on 23rd April 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

Got to start my blog by saying how eye watering the tributes have been this week to the Voice of Speedway himself, Nigel Pearson.

Nigel’s death last week hit not just the speedway world, but darts, Sky Sports, BT, TalkSport Radio and I could go on. I do hope his family have taken some comfort in seeing how many people he truly touched.

His unique voice, his passion, his commitment to speedway in all manners I very much doubt will ever be found in anyone again. Others have said it and now I will too.. he will be truly irreplaceable.

Anyways… speedway….

Speedway! A sport ridden by adrenaline junkies.. acceleration faster than that of an F1 car… a tagline of “No brakes, No Gears, No Fear”. You get huge crashes (for those who like that type of thing); you see human bodies bounce on tracks and wonder how they get back up!

Honestly, you’d think it would be an easy thing to sell!

But no.. one thing can lead to another and modern speedway can find a way to shoot itself in the foot almost every time, again and again!

Modern day speedway needs good weather… it needs the fans to turn out! You get that then it’s part way to a good night… what it doesn’t need is the type of incident that happened at Birmingham this past Wednesday night!

It’s 2022 and for a speedway meeting to have to be called off due to lack of medical cover is, IMO, unacceptable.

This is in no way meant to be derogatory to anyone… it’s just another indication of how our sport can’t be taken as serious as others! Would you see F1 lack cover… football lacking cover… rugby?

For those completely out of the loop… this past Wednesday saw our away match at Birmingham called off after only 2 completed heats. Josh Auty came off in heat 3 and required medical attention for what turned out to be a serious ankle injury.

There was no 2nd ambulance to take him to hospital (morphine had been administered due to the nature of his injury) and the wait for the county ambulance was quoted as being up to 6 hours. The delay ultimately saw the cancellation before it got going.

I am not the only one who feels that it is just speedway kicking itself here… but why are meetings allowed to go ahead without suitable cover?!

People have discussed the cost of it; ermmmmm…. *breathe Sarah*….. I’m not using this to preach about what we have here in Berwick but I mean come on!! We are a far-flung tiny town in North Northumberland… they are probably the 2nd biggest city in England.. and we can supply 2 paramedics and 2 ambulances!

Does being able to get through your meetings in a timely manner not pay for itself?! Birmingham are the losers here; in a season where they could ill afford for something like this to happen!

They now have to pay the expenses again for a meeting they could’ve had done and out the way, on a lovely evening in front of what I’m told was a big crowd. And the fact that they’ve still to actually fully complete their 1st home meeting (and we’re nearly into May) isn’t the best sign for them either!

I seriously do hope they come back stronger from this but until “sufficient ambulance cover” is sought they will face this problem time and time again should a bigger on-track incident occur!

Anyways, onto better things! Following a bit of a tonking score-wise at Glasgow, tonight we face a team we haven’t competed against for some time; the resurrected Oxford Cheetahs.
They happen to be led by Scott Nicholls and Kenny Tait’s favourite, Troy Batchelor. The pair of them scored a combined paid 30 points between them for Kent against us last season… but we seem to be a different team at home this season.

That, combined with the fact that Mr. Nicholls has seemingly had a stinker of a week pointswise, all indicates favourably to a home win.

But I’m not counting my chickens though, not till heat 15 has been and gone and 3 points are in our pocket.

I wonder who Jamie C wants to see proper tonight? 😉

See you all trackside folks 🙂



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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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