Published on 22nd April 2022
Author Dick Barrie

Played 4, won 2, lost 2.

Looking good at home, downed twice over the border.

It is clear to me that this season’s Championship is going to be dominated by a lorra, lorra home wins.

To reach the play-offs, a team (and of course I really mean the Banditos, who cares about the rest?) will need to hold fast on their home track while doing their darned best to sneak a point or to on the road.

Our remaining league matches will all take place in England, where we might find easier pickings than the last two Friday night in Scotland!

But each week, the speedway Saturdays, we have to be certain, crystal clear, that we have to win at Shielfield.

Starting again tomorrow evening, against the league’s newest – and certainly best-supported – side, the Cheetahs of Oxford.

A team led by an Australian Champion and a seven-time British Champion. Easy, eh?

Now we’ve talked, and I’ve written, about the changes in our style of team this year, bringing extra power to Heats 13 and 15 at home.

So far, in our home victories against Birmingham and Edinburgh, we’ve yet to rack up a singe 5-1 in either heat.

Memo to the sharp end of the team: Must do better!

This time around, it’ll in all probability be Troy-boy and Scottie getting sent out by Crumpie to do the business for Oxford, possibly our toughest end-of-meeting tests to date.

But it’ll be a fascinating prospect, nonetheless – don’t be shy about coming along.

Tapes up as usual at 7pm.

We’ll have everything laid on for you – not least proper medical cover!

After a wasted excursion to Birmingham on Wednesday – a 600-mile round trip for two-and-a-quarter races on a warm spring evening – you can colour me totally fed up.

One bright point was the appearance, as spanner-jugglers to the Mighty, of former Bandits Liam Carr and David Howe. Getting all down and dirty to help the cause, and still very, very much part of this wonderful “Berwick Speedway Family”.

But in all other aspects, the whole affair was deeply, deeply disappointing…….

Why? Why do bosses at other tracks not follow our lead and arrange adequate ambulance and paramedic cover in these days of stretched-to-the-limit NHS services?

It has become increasingly obvious that the NHS are no longer able to provide ambulance cover to speedway circuits in these tough, post-Brexit, post-pandemic times.

That Birmingham will have pissed their public off by failing to provide more than two completed heats of speedway on a beautiful spring evening is their business.

That the Berwick team and officials – plus a scattering of travelling supporters (thanks, folks!) — have been inconvenienced by their lack of foresight over medical cover is very, very disappointing.

It was a stupid mistake.

But – did you ever hear of a clever mistake?

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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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