MY 200th WEBLOG!

Published on 6th August 2022
Author Dick Barrie

Being a pedantic old git, I tend to keep track of things.

Like riders’ averages, league standings, units of alcohol consumed and the like.

Plus, columns writ. This is my 200th weblog for the Banditos since we started out in 2017 – Mythman and Doddering George will have contributed about the same number while Sister Sarah (of Two Mules fame) came along later, and has just clocked up #100.

Making it about 225,000 words of wisdom between us over the seasons – and every one of them is right here, in the archive. A wet Wednesday over the winter? Just flip through them, and before you know it, spring will be here again………

But that will be then, this is now.

Having survived our guest bookings (he scored an excellent paid fifteen for Plymouth, I collected a few more local enemies as stand-in announcer) at Armadale last night, Leon and I resume regular service tonight against the same Gladiators, with another fifteen heats of Bullets v Centurions thrown in afterwards for your pleasure and delight.

Despite my many seasons in the sun, today might be the first time I’ll have seen three complete matches in a day – in a space of seven hours, in fact, as I’m looking in at Armadale this afternoon for the NDL match – and, with last night’s experience thrown in, you’d think I’d be getting sick of the sight of Plymouth peoples by later tonight.

Not a bit of it! In fact, Tuesday sees me heading off to Devon to watch our Bullets in action – against Plymouth!

Devoted follower of Berwick speedway fashion or sucker for punishment?

We’ll find out on Tuesday…

And on Wednesday, when we’re back at Birmingham, to try again. This will be a re-staging of the match wiped out away back in April after two races when Josh Auty introduced himself to their fourth-bend fence and the Brummies discovered the wisdom of having double-cover of paramedics and ambulances. Which we have, and they didn’t.

Also next week, it’ll be back to Oxford for one of the big nights in the Championship calendar – the Pairs! Previously staged at the sadly-shut Somerset track, this time we’ll be down Sandy Lane to decide the top twosome – and right now, I’ve no idea who the FTS Bandits’ double-act will be!

Hopefully, I can tell you tonight

6.30 start, remember.

Let’s go skidding!

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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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