Published on 9th July 2020
Author Sarah Charalambous

There’s 25% capacity crowds now allowed in Polish Speedway stadiums…. hairdressers are opening again… pubs have opened (in England) and fights have broken out as some numpties clearly still can’t hold their drink!

Patients are returning in their moderate numbers for treatments and face to face appointments with their consultants! Flights are very slowly resuming to Europe! The hospitality world very slowly opens too….

Now we sit and wait… are we likely to see a second spike of the pain in the arse we know as Covid-19 or is it typical classic media scaremongering?

Whatever people think, let’s just be sensible. We will all have to get used to a slightly different way of living; rather that then the way we’ve had to live since March!

Our time to fill Shielfield Park will come… and when it does.. let’s support it as much as we can!

I think this has been a painful reminder, for myself especially, how much a part speedway has become in my life!

Anyways…. onto positive things! Polish Speedway finally showing what it’s known for… and the one meeting which stood out as best so far was the bottom of the table clash between ROW Rybnik and Stal Gorzow… it doesn’t take the biggest superstars to make a good meeting as that showed!

Although talking of superstars, what a start to his season that young Brit Robert Lambert is having!

No. 16 in the starting Rybnik line up… they soon realised he wasn’t gonna be there for long!

How nice to think of the potential that him and Woffy have for Team GB at the end of the season in the Speedway of Nations if it goes ahead!

And who’d have ever thought that the team which contains the World Champion would be languishing at the bottom of the league! One rider a team does not make.

And one last thing for this current blog… for those who don’t follow me on social media… me and Chris decided to break it to our friends – and that includes you nice readers — that come January 2021, we will become a family of FOUR!

Yes, Alexander becomes a big brother as I currently am twelve-and-a-half weeks down the road!

A very, very pleasant shock for me and Chris… I blame Boris for shutting everything down… we didn’t have anything else to do……

I’ll try to update on things a tad more regularly than I have been doing from now….

I’m sure you’ll all understand how hard it’s been to drum up enthusiasm when we’ve had something we love taken out of our grip on the eve of the season beginning!

Keep the faith Banditos — and keep safe each and every one of you!

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Sarah Charalambous

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