Published on 3rd September 2021
Author Sarah Charalambous

Well…. Last Saturday night… two Berwick select teams going head to head in a new format put forward for trial by our promotion! Did it work…?

IMO, hard to tell with the teams that were out and I don’t say that in a negative way…… I’d have loved to have seen it with two championship sides…… whatever though, I have to applaud our promotion.

They had an empty Saturday night; they wanted to give a fixture for their fans…… they realise that speedway does need a drastic overhaul and have suggested a new method as starters……

I enjoyed the night as a whole… I found it nice to go to a meeting and have no cares or stresses about seeing my team struggle 😂 I thought that would come the next day at Redcar…..

Redcar are a very good team… last weekend they were sitting in 2nd place in the league but they’ve recently jazzed their team up replacing the long-term r/r for Jordan Stewart and Anders Rowe — bringing in Lewis Kerr and Ryan Kinsley. I genuinely thought the moves would give Redcar a top 5 we couldn’t match.

How wrong I was!!!

One of the best meetings I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this season saw us regularly leading from the front or passing from the back…… credit must go to the Redcar promotion, their track did them proud.

Leading the whole meeting until the final bend of heat 15……. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry?!

Those who were there saw what was a fantastic race culminate in Leon smacking the clipboard of the home straight fence and hurtle down at speed allowing Michael Palm Toft the second place he needed behind Charles Wright to end the meeting 45-45.

Those who were there know it wasn’t an unnecessary move on Leon’s part…..… the outside line was providing some outstanding overtakes and he had Palm Toft coming at him from the inside line.

The only thing he can be accused of is literally “busting his balls” in the effort to win us the match!

Kasper continued his very rich vein of form and surprise package for me was Greg Blair. 3 rides and 3 very, very hard-earned points each time ahead of a Bear…… on the pace and very competitive.

It’s unreal to think how long he’d been out and how well he’s done since coming back.

This weekend sees the return of both Kent teams in a double header (don’t forget it’s a half-past-six start). And what an important meeting especially for the Bullets as they look to finish off their home meetings with a muc- needed home win.

I say much needed as it will continue to cement us at the top of the NDL and mean the pack continue to chase us in what is likely to be a very tight finish for top spot.

Wherever we finish, the Bullets have exceeded expectations and can be looked upon as a big success. I’ve certainly enjoyed watching them this year and as people know, I’m very hard to please!

I must touch upon something that wasn’t so positive, announced over the last week. Our old (fr)enemy, the Newcastle Diamonds, will see the season out but then that’s it.

Rob Grant announced that he is calling time on his short ownership of the Diamonds so that he can focus on ensuring his other businesses survive.

It would be an absolute travesty should they not line up next year — 90+ years of speedway history potentially to be lost! Sending all the positive vibes that there is a sugar daddy out there wanting to save a speedway club!

Anyways… two kids and one husband to be attended to now… see you all tracking side!

#UpTheBandits #UpTheBullets
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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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