Published on 13th July 2020
Author Dick Barrie

At the start of lockdown, we were desperate to see speedway – any speedway.

People were resurrecting old videos and posting them online, and we all tuned in.    Interviews were gobbled up, past triumphs relived and former heroes seen again in their prime.

But you can only keep watching canned stuff for so long, and I suspect a few who were prepared to hunch over their lap-tops and eyeball Poole winning trophy after trophy have now forsaken the old matches in favour of live racing from Poland.

Which is so much better, as it’s live.  Whether you watch it on Premier Sports or a bootlegged stream on YouTube (who, me?) the very fact that it’s there, live and kicking with an uncertain outcome to every race beats any old rehash, any old day.

There are caveats.   Mainly, the matches have been good and the races competitive.    However, some Polish tracks are so smooth, even so slick that I’m thinking as I watch, if this was in the UK there would be folk on all sorts of fora, moaning about “nae passing” and “ftg”…….

I can also forsee that, as the format of every Polish TV presentation is exactly the same, twice on Fridays and again twice on Sundays, we’ll become bored with the same show four times a week, with only the names being changed.

It’s therefore with a certain degree of mischievousness I have to say that – having recently re-watched the Tapes Up DVD of our last meeting at Shielfield – sometimes, just sometimes, I can enjoy a re-run of a great night better than a live Polish one..

I was tad disappointed the final edit of that production left the Glasgow team manager’s brief infield appearance (would you call that a Cami-o?) on the cutting-room floor, but hey…….

I mentioned that delightful double-header in a previous weblog, and as a result got a number of e-mails (address below) about it – all more or less agreeing with me about how good that whole night had been.

One writer – Ed – commented that he despaired of anyone who was there and went home feeling they hadn’t had value for money, which was fair enough comment.   Another was Marie, a Glasgow follower, who took pains to point out how enjoyable it was, despite her beloved Tigs going down at the end of the night.

Recent weeks have brought me a bigger mailbag than usual – I expect Mythman, Sarah and Dodders can report the same – which means that, as well as reading our blogs a number of you nice people are interacting, finding we are holding your interest through these lengthy Banditless weeks and months.

All good stuff.   Keep on letting us know what you think of our humble efforts to inform and entertain.

If there’s something you don’t like, tell us.

Of course, we like getting supportive messages from blog-readers like Ed and Marie, but we do accept constructive criticism equally well.       I try to reply to every e-mail that comes in, and I’m quite happy to enter into a good debate with a correspondent with a different viewpoint.

But get in touch.  We’ve no speedway to watch, we might as well discuss it.

Of course others have alternate ways of passing lockdown time….

As a result, I’m delighted to learn that fellow-blogger Scintillating Sarah is infanticipating again.



Want to disagree with Dick (as so many do?).   He is always happy to hear from interesting people at    


Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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