That Little Extra Sizzle

Published on 21st September 2020
Author Mythman

I generally always try to keep these blogs on the positive side and try to see things from the glass half full side of the fence.

After all, I’m a Bandits fan through and through and I’d always support the team through thick and thin and whether we win, lose or draw.

That’s just the way it is.

However, as 2020 has rolled on, my positivity has been left looking like it’s had 12 rounds with Mike Tyson before an altercation with Tyson Fury on it’s way home.

Sure there’s been live speedway on TV, with Poland and Sweden’s leagues getting underway and there has been the Grand Prix which on the whole has been largely enjoyable.

But is it the same as supporting your own team? Absolutely bloody not.

I know that ultimately it probably doesn’t matter a hell of a lot in the grand scheme of things in the sense that when there are four riders of a similar caliber on a well prepared track you’re likely to see a good race, but in a way it sort of does.

Do I enjoy watching Bartosz Zmarzlik and Tai Woffinden exchanging places lap by lap, corner by corner?

Sure I do, who wouldn’t?

But is it the same as watching a Bandits reserve take the scalp of a rival number one?

Is it the same as watching the Bandits take a 5-1 in a last heat decider to claim all three points in a league meeting?

You bet your ass it aint the same!

Now before the fun police have a field day, I love nothing more than watching close, intense racing; the sort of racing that makes you wince and marvel at the same time as you watch it, but for me watching the Bandits adds a little extra to the equation.

So give me Jye Etheridge rattling in a maximum against the Monarchs.

Give me Leon Flint holding his nerve and taking the win despite Lasse Bjerre throwing everything at him.

Give me Dany Gappmaier and Nickolaj Busk Jakobsen heading home Craig Cook when he’s on double points.

When it’s your team it’s so much more personal, the losses hit that little bit harder and the wins mean that little bit more.

It’s that belief in your team that drives them on, that same belief that on that particular night, they will overcome the challenges that lie ahead,

It’s that rollercoaster of emotions when the luck goes against your team and the pendulum swings in the favour of the opposition and back the other way when you least expect it.

It’s being pleasantly surprised when your team somehow pull a win out of nowhere when things were looking bleak on the drive down.

It may not always be pretty and it may not be particularly glamorous but it’s real, raw and genuine. It can pull you every which way on any given night but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure we all want to see good racing and sure we can all appreciate a good race when we see one, but for me, when the Bandits are involved it matters just a little bit more.

In fact I’d go as far to say that the Bandits add that little extra sizzle to my steak, it’s just a shame the steakhouse is closed temporarily.

Of course if you wish to agree, or disagree with the Mythman, have an idea for a feature, or you simply want to chew the fat over all things speedway, you can email me or get in touch via the JB Speedway Media Facebook page. If your compliments, or indeed gripes can be contained to limited characters, you can send me a tweet @Mythman666.

Until next time…and there will be a next time.
Right I’ll hae’tae gan


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