Published on 31st May 2022
Author Dick Barrie

Where to begin?

Well, I watched the meeting at Armadale last week – I travel there most Fridays, always (unless a Berwick team are in opposition) as a neutral, with radical mind and an open heart – and observed Greg Blair (a chap never far from wherever unusual things are happening) turning out as a Monarchs’ guest.

Oh, what a night!

Let’s check it all out: First race, Greg got thirty yards from the tapes, was squished by two Brummies called James and picked himself up for a three-man restart.

Sadly, this race got less than half a lap further than the first running before our hero found his bike turning right, not left, at the top turn and down and out he went. No points there.

Next outing, at the tapes, up they go and there he stayed. No fuel getting through. No points.

Couldn’t get worse, could it? Oh yes….

Third race, Stefan Nielsen hits the front from the start, but suffers a broken chain on the second turn and goes down very quickly, leaving Greg and partner Jacob Hook nowhere to go except right over the red-headed stranger’s chainless machine.

Everyone eventually got up, but the referee – a trainee gentleman, actually sitting his test – chose to exclude Greg, not the guy who broke a chain and fell off in front of him! Again, nul points……

Finally, in his fourth and final race, Greg did manage to last the course, but on a bike which – it now transpired – had been badly bent in the first crash, and wouldn’t steer straight. Yip, an Audi of no points for his adventurous evening.

Then the final ignominy – after the meeting, the Blair van wouldn’t start!

After an hour of everyone having a go at finding the fault, a breakdown truck was called, the bikes were transferred to Brian Little’s van and Greg and dad Drew eventually made it back home at 3am……

Oh, and the next night, as we know, he was Bandits’ No 8, had one ride and slid off on the first lap.

As the song says: “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot – When You’re Not, You’re Not”…….

But our Bullet is made of strong stuff, as Mr & Mrs Taylor’s great-grandson his DNA is Berwick Speedway through and through and when he’s called to action this Saturday night against the Leicester Lion Cubs, the past weekend will have been confined to history, Greg will be back on a new frame, in a new month and with a bucketful of new luck!

Go, Greg!

Another Bullet we will be hoping to see doing well this week is Kyle Bickley.

Kyle’s progress as a Berwick rider has been steady at Championship level, superb in the NDL.

Last week I was delighted for him when, after two non-finishes, he produced the most-spirited performance I’ve seen him deliver in black-and-gold, with immaculate fighting passes on Connor Bailey, on Broc Nicol (twice) and – best of all – a lovely sweep around the great and mighty Craig Cook in Heat 11.

This may have come as a surprise to the Cookie Monster. After all, he’s on record more than once as saying how it just ain’t possible to pass at Berwick – and to be relegated to the back with such ease by a fellow-Cumbrian might just have rankled……

Tee hee.

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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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