The Waiting Game

Published on 12th September 2022
Author Mythman

Limbo is defined by the Oxford dictionary as an uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution.

At this precise moment in time, the Bullets currently find themselves in that intermediate state, awaiting the outcome of meetings, one of which is their final league meeting of the campaign at Leicester. At the conclusion of that meeting, the playoff picture will look just that little bit clearer.

At that point, it all begins again. League positions will count for nothing, league points will count for nothing, and we all start from zero.

At that point, it’s anyone’s ball game.

The Bullets have been good all season, now it’s time to be great.

There are perhaps doubts over the fitness of Ace Pijper, undoubtedly THE standout NDL debutant of 2022 and hopefully he will be back in action in time for the business end of the season. It would be a great shame if he was to miss out on the sort of meetings that he is sure to be a part of for many years to come.

While it is safe to say that Ace has been a massive reason that the Bullets are where they are, it has been a colossal team effort with every one of the lads pulling their weight, putting the effort in and delivering the goods when it has been required.

The leadership of Bickley, consistency of Crang and bullishness of Blair has been ably backed up by the Pijper, Douglas and the ever-improving Mason Watson. Talking of improvement, Ben Rathbone certainly deserves his plaudits for the way he has conducted himself in 2022.

At the start of the season, he was a rider short on bike time, coming back from a nasty injury and arguably low on confidence. But fast forward to this part of the season and he has been a different rider entirely and at times, he has been a match winner for the Bullets.

His contributions have not gone unnoticed, and he surely must be in the conversation when the subject of most improved NDL rider comes up.

So, the playoffs. We know we are there, but we don’t know who against. Ultimately it isn’t going to matter too much who we get, because if the Bullets are to be successful, they are going to have to be at their very best no matter who they’re against.

There are simply no easy meetings at that stage and over two legs, they all look incredibly difficult. No matter what happens, the Bullets can be mighty proud of their efforts but knowing these lads, they’ll not be satisfied with being also rans, they’ll want to win.

Of the potential opponents, Mildenhall and Leicester look like being the teams to avoid, but ultimately one of, if not both will have to be toppled if the Bullets are to be successful.

As I mentioned earlier, the Bullets have been good but if the National Development League glory is to come to Shielfield, they will have to be great.

But could it happen? Absolutely it could.  Speedway is nothing if not unpredictable you know.

The Bullets were built for this, they don’t quit, they’ll take the risk, they’re all in.

The Bullets are Born for Greatness.

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Until next time…and there will be a next time.

Right, I’ll hae’tae gan.



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