Published on 8th September 2021
Author Sarah Charalambous

Okay! So, most of you know the crack by now. You know I use this blog as my own personal ranting space; whether that be from the shite that goes on in my own life or the frustrations caused by watching my speedway team.

Something strange has been happening though as for the last three weeks though — my blog has been full of positivity, and I’m sorry to disappoint you all again but it’s the same theme again this week!

It maybe makes me very boring now… but you know… if I cared a huge amount about what people thought of me then I certainly wouldn’t be doing this blog mwahahahahaha!

Firstly, on a personal note.. those who know me might know I had an interview for promotion at work — and 10:20am on Monday morning came the phone call that I had been successful in my attempt…… call me Sister Sarah 😁

It’s going to be very hard work, that I do know, but after nearly a year off on the sick/maternity, I’m ready to go back and progress the career now. I’ve got a feeling that it will actually be easier than staying at home looking after my 2 children 😗

Secondly…… the fat fighting class is going well….… but no-one wants to hear about the stresses of stepping on the scales in a week you’ve had your wedding anniversary, a family day out on a very hot day and confirmation of your promotion…… how I lost weight I don’t know 😂

Anyways, the trifecta, the piece-de-resistance……

I had thought that was it, following heat 15 of the Plymouth match… but no!

*Pinch yourself Sarah*…

I said it before, I don’t care if people think he’s past it…….. but Jason Crump will be lining up at #1 for our teeny, tiny, North Northumberland-based speedway team in a very surprise guest appearance this Saturday night!

It’s a move which will no doubt pay off – big-time — for the club; I’ve got 4 members of my family coming back for the night — just to see JC. That’s £68 admission plus programmes and any refreshments bought!; add in more than a few others who will no doubt pop along too…

The only down side with this is that Crumpy comes in to replace NBJ, who has been signed off with stress related fatigue. Nikolaj is only human; he’s regularly flying in and out of the country, riding in Denmark and for two clubs in Britain as well as setting up his business outside of speedway!

I am a big fan of Busk (even though it may not have seemed it at times with my rants).

I loved watching him when he was at Rye House. I hope he takes the time out to rebuild himself mentally and physically and comes back all the stronger! I certainly think he has much more to give in Berwick colours!

Someone who doesn’t have much more to give though is Aaron “Spud” Summers who last week announced that this Saturday night will be his final meeting as a Bandit before hanging up the kevlars.

Spud has been a terrific servant to the entire setup at Berwick Speedway, and it is fitting he can end his racing career at his local UK club.

Aaron recently became a Dad again to a beautiful baby girl with his fiancée Emma and is due to get married very soon.

He deserves nothing but the best send-off from both sets of fans this Saturday night and how fitting it would be if he helped his current club get the traditional end of term win against his former club!

That would cap off the end of a damn fine week! 😁

Shielfield Park… 7pm… Saturday night! Spread the word folks.. it will be the place to be!

Crumpy in black’n’gold…… All those Tiger-people in town…. Oh, and a chance to donate to the annual SRBF collection by the riders…..

‘Mon the Bandits 🤠

#UpTheBandits #UpTheBullets

Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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