Published on 28th September 2022
Author Dick Barrie


Sometimes, I get a wee surprise from the strangest of places.

My last blog – the one headlined “We’re Still Here” — was posted on the final day of August.

It drew an encouraging response from readers, most of whom accepted that I was reading from the correct script, not least in making clear the club has a financial budget, and to exceed the planned expenditure without increasing income would end in tears.

There was (of course) one e-mail – from a regular critic of all things Berwick promotion, who I suspect doesn’t regularly attend meetings or buy a 5-1 number, preferring to sit at his computer in his underpants, in the cupboard under his mum’s stairs, picking on the club – in which he told me in no uncertain terms that I was “just a patsy for the promotion” and that the Bandits (and presumably the Bullets) should realise that all that mattered was on-track success, regardless of the cost!

What utter, total nincompoopery!

It is e-mails like that which truly earn a very small proportion of our club’s followers-with-laptops the generalisation of “Forum Fannies”.

But the surprise I referenced to above came from another stern critic of our (several) promotions past and present, but who this time wrote in praise of my witty wordage, in full agreement with the philosophy of keeping to a budget, and agreeing absolutely that we must just be glad we’ve got speedway to watch in these tough, trying times…….

My flabber was never so gasted – this was from a correspondent who, usually on the BSF, has never been slow to pick my nits or slip a sneer towards our promotion.

Except, this time my philosophy has struck a chord, and I was getting a thumbs-up! Thanks. You know who you are…..

Now then, looking ahead….

It’s been a while, but we’ll have speedway to see at Shielfield in ten days’ time – that’ll be Saturday, October 8th at 7pm – and it’ll be the GHT Bullets, going hard at it in their first-ever play-off match!

Against who (or maybe whom)? Aye, that’s the rub, as Billy Shakespeare had Hamlet say in one of his blogs…..

Amazing at it may seem, with just a couple of regular matches left on the schedule, we could end up playing-off against, er, Mildenhall, Belle Vue, Oxford or even Leicester — although that last scenario would require this coming weekend’s fixture-list to be wiped our by the aftermath of Hurricane Ian……

But who we face is less-important than the fact that the Bullets are back, Saturday-night speedway is back!

At full strength too, I believe – Ace Pijper had been sidelined for the statutory 23 days since his concussion at Mildenhall, but that period of sit-down is now complete.

Ironically, if Ace had crashed five days later, his enforced rest would only have been for 12 days! He was fifteen on the day of the accident, but turned sixteen five days later, at which point the concussion timeout drops.

But these regulations are absolutely correct and younger lads have to be fully protected — from themselves, and their over-enthusiasm — if nothing else……

Of course, with Ace now being 16, he can race at senior level – up ’til now, he could only ride in NDL-style events.

I wonder if anyone will give him a shot against the “big boys” if their club requires an NDL guest between now and season’s end?

But anyway, we’ve got him back and we’ll see him in action in ten days.

Against somebody.

Let’s go skidding!

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Dick Barrie
Dick Barrie

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