Published on 13th June 2022
Author Sarah Charalambous

Well folks… welcome to one hell of a news-filled week! — and that’s when we ain’t had a home meeting!

In all honesty, the weather from Saturday just gone played perfectly into Berwick hands as the exceptionally heavy downpour in Tweedmouth just prior to start time would no doubt have put paid to much going on, anyway!

No meeting was also good news in the Charalambous household, well, me and Chris. We were anything but 100% and the thought of standing out on the 3rd bend was the least appealing thing ever over the weekend…

Standing next to a toilet was the order of the day for one of us, with a chesty cough laying the other up, but thankfully, we’re coming out of it slowly on the other side now!

We’ve got to start with news that was released earlier today via our own Bandits media and that’s the news of two new signings heading to Shielfield Park (but you know, others say there’s no riders out there)…

I’ll elaborate further on that as we go….

We sadly say cheerio to Ty and Kyle; Ty still clearly suffering the effects of his come off at Newcastle and Kyle reportedly being rested due to a mixture of the numbers needing to add up and his confidence taking a pounding (although he and his family are apparently saying different on social media).

Whatever the reason, Kyle will remain at Berwick with the Bullets as they continue to maintain their position at the top of the NDL…. he will continue to receive support from the fans and hopefully in the meantime he can be maybe picked up by a championship team, although he’d be facing the same teams, the same riders and the same problems…..

Anyways, on the way in to the vacant reserve positions come Nathan Stoneman and a very exciting prospect in 20-year-old SGP2 rider Jonas Knudsen from Denmark….

The fact we’ve managed to acquire someone of the level of Jonas when “there’s no riders around” is a good job done by your club as well as a very exciting prospect for the fans!

Jonas and Nathan make their home debuts in our televised BSN meeting against Scunthorpe on Saturday week, June 25th.

Plus, in another signing announcement….. ”when there’s no-one available”….. our good friend Aaron Summers has put his retirement on hold, joining Oxford Cheetahs to replace Jack Thomas, who is currently on the sidelines, having suffered two broken wrists – ouch! A motivated Aaron Summers will no doubt help Oxford push on for the play-offs!

Now, why do I keep making reference to “there’s no one available”?

Well….. that is what has been suggested by our suffering neighbours at Newcastle!

I think today – following Birmingham’s recent enlistment of Justin Sedgmen — blows that out of the water!

What Newcastle need to be asking themselves is why they ain’t managing to entice riders to them…. and how on earth they missed out on Spud when he’s local and has always had a liking for Brough!

My viewpoint is that there is nothing but negativity emanating from Newcastle Speedway.

The negativity from fans on social media, dwindling crowd numbers, very little being said “officially” from the promotion despite two huge home defeats, a team manager who looks like he wants to be anywhere other than trackside…. Oh, and a race day that goes totally against them signing anyone with ambition!

Okay, they will no doubt have very unsavoury conditions they have to adhere to from their landlords, but the start time is also a sticking point for me…. middle of the day…. warm weather and drying winds…. as seen on the BSN stream, the track turned dusty very early on and was conducive to very little entertainment!

The one heat win Newcastle did get in heat 14 — and Max Clegg goes straight back to the pits! Why he didn’t go round and acknowledge the fans who stood and painfully watched that…. just to say “we know you’re there, we appreciate it” sort of thing….

The response from the promotion afterwards?? Well, someone said “radio silence”!

f Newcastle manage to get to the end of the season, it pains me to say I believe it will be their last!

Plus, with the threat of Edinburgh not having a home next season due to the sale of Armadale, the future prospects of speedway in the north are quite sad to think about!

However, back to our boys in Black and Gold; and with the two new reserves now in place and all injured parties back, we have a full team again!

Jye made his return at Belle Vue last Monday and although he didn’t score too well he was there and mixing it, and with a handy paid six against Wolves tonight (and walking away injury free also… yay!!) I feel so happy. Leon was in action for the visitors, scoring three points. It’s a tough league!

Our season can still be salvaged with lots to go for… the Championship Riders individual meeting (aka PLRC), Pairs, KO Cup, Summer Tournament!

Until then… we’ve got another Bullets meeting vs Mildenhall this weekend… and we welcome back a young man who has truly been a pain in the arse for us these last few weeks; Jason Edwards (those we know me know I jest there BTW 😋) I am pleased that there is another young British lad having the season of his life… it’s only a good thing long term for TeamGB!

All the Bullets will need to be at their best to maintain their unbeaten home record in this one — hopefully a good crowd will turn out for them again…. these young lads have definitely put on a show this year; the hunger is there to go one place further then 2021!

‘Mon the Bullets!!

And one final thing…. as I know he reads these…. I must say thank you to Paul Capaldi……I’ve discovered the live YouTube broadcasts he’s doing, usually with Mythman and Marty/Greg in tow; they’ve been funny; insightful, and his latest with Ricky Ashworth, Lee Complin and Seb Alden gave us all a chance to reminisce on a very, very special day at the 4TT of 2012 in Peterborough!

Paul managed to get me on to a brief live broadcast tonight, and how nice just to talk speedway for an hour… thank you!

See you all trackside on Saturday folks!


Disagree with Sarah? Contact her on: berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk – if you feel brave enough!

Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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