Published on 10th June 2021
Author Sarah Charalambous

It was just last week I believe where I posted about my emotions as a Bandit fan……. how they can fluctuate so much……. yep, it’s been proved again these last few days.

Last Saturday, I will hold my hands up and admit they exceeded all my expectations…… I had us down for a bit of a hefty home defeat…… the fact we made one of the predicted title favourites use a Tac Sub ride is all credit to the 6 who ride in our colours.

But just 24 hours later at Leicester, my elation turned to heartache……. to be as close as we were……. never being far enough behind to use the tac sub……. and then to learn we’d lost out on taking a point due to Buskie’s machinery problems…… Christ, it stings!

Anyways, on we went to Plymouth. The St. Boniface Arena, as it used to be known, has been something of a happy hunting ground for us in the past; considering the difference in size and shape of the two tracks though, you wouldn’t believe we could do well there……. but that we have!

And how it looked like it was all going our way again until heat 12……

Okay… reading the updates, both Jye and NBJ took heavy knocks in those last 4 heats…… and crafty old Garry May could have been up to his old tricks of ensuring track doctoring for the gates his riders were due to be in over late heats…. … but entering heat 12 being 31-35 up and to then lose the meeting 51-39. WOW!

I think the last time I seen a collapse of that magnitude was when we were fifteen points up at Redcar and ended up losing by 1 point in the KO Cup meeting back in 2013.

Now, the majority of people may not give a flying hoot (Editor wouldn’t let me use the other word) about away results …… they pay their gate money on Saturday nights, see decent meetings and go home happy……. but when you’re a bit of a speedway geek like me…… things like that hurt.

I say it again, I’m not “just moaning”……..

I speak out because I genuinely do care how my team do on the road.

I first went to Berrington Lough in 1990 in my pushchair…….. I spent a large, very happy majority of my teenage years sat beside the start gate watching Adrian Rymel, Claus Kristensen, Michal Makovsky et al……. I will continue to do so even if results don’t go our way (the pandemic hit home how much I missed it) but I won’t just sit and let my frustrations bubble up; hence why this blog can be a blessing at times (in fact, I’m wondering if people think I seriously need help and this is a cheap way of offering me counselling 😏).

Anyways, rant aside… points lost again as Plymouth came out on top 51-39.

Last nights streamed meeting at Poole saw another bright start for us before falling away in the later heats. I actually predicted a 10-12 point defeat before the meeting.

From what we witnessed (well, those of us who had no problems with the stream – and we didn’t) we all need to tip our hats to both Kyle and Leon who more than excelled expectations.

Take a bow, boys — you were both superb!

Kyle hasn’t had half the plaudits Leon has, but last night he reminded us that he’s here. Think we’re only going to benefit the longer we keep the both of them at reserve!

Anyways, moving on, for those who don’t pay attention to the fixture list, it’s Redcar this Saturday night!

The last time Redcar visited us they rode away with the points. They come back now with a very good line-up on paper, play off calibre IMO, but surprisingly were held to a draw at home 2 weeks ago against the Monarchs and were pegged back last week to just a 2 point advantage to take on the road to Perry Barr in the KO Cup meeting, which has to be (rather unfairly) re-run, against the Brummies.

I expect another tough meeting and the Bears to push us all the way…… but let’s hope for the right result!

Of special interest is the NJL mini-match which forms Saturday’s second half – as I’m expecting the visiting Bear-cubs to include Katie Gordon and Becky Weston in their squad.

I’m not sure about girls racing against boys at speedway. Fair play, huge plaudits, to them for wanting to do it and actually giving it a go…… I ain’t sexist, but for a girl to race against the lads on equal terms, she’d have to start at a very, very young age. Will they be able to go elbow to elbow with the other sort? But, all good luck to them.

The following week (June 19th) sees our first standalone meeting for the table-topping Bullets as they take on the powerful Newcastle Gems.

We’ve been lucky enough to give the Bullets good crowds with the double headers thus far but this is a week where they will need support.

The Euro 2021 soccer tournament may be on but unless you happen to be Spanish, Portuguese, German or Polish then there’s no reason not to be at Shielfield Park.

Extra support can hopefully prove that people are enjoying watching the progression of the youngsters and push us on the maintain our top of the table position.

It’s much easier to be chased then doing the chasing and we’ve certainly set the pace so far. Long May it continue.

See you all trackside on Saturday!

#UpTheBandits #UpTheBullets
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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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