Published on 30th April 2023
Author Sarah Charalambous

I’m going to go back a few years here… 2001…

The year I returned back to Speedway properly following a few years of just going on and off.

Peter Waite took a big gamble of bringing across 3 Czechs.. not so much strangers on the continent but very new to the UK!

Those 3 Czechs came in on a combined 27 points (team averages were 45 points at the time). Shielfield Park at the time, to put it politely, was a track for men with biggest of steely balls! It was heavy… Rough.. ruts galore… BUT…… Teams hated coming to Berwick.

They were aware the home team knew the ins and outs… Where to avoid!! It took a very good team to come to Shielfield Park in the early 00’s and win!!

Let’s fast forward to the last few years…. Teams now come with no fear to us. .. It’s smooth…. It’s dare I say almost predictable.

You dread the big boys coming now as you know the damage they can do just on their own!

Where are the riders who can ride with the aggression of Adrian Rymel… Michal Makovsky…. Scud Smith.. Adam Pietraszko etc…

Last night Redcar yet again walked away with success at Berwick! (Was that the 5th or 6th victory in a row?) Yet again, knocked out the KO Cup by Redcar!

We scored 38 points….we had 3 race winners all night!! Our top two scored paid 12 and couldn’t buy a start between them… Redcar’s top two scored paid 26!!

We’ve had 6 matches now.. 3 home and 3 away, time in between with rain offs to tweak set ups… and they’re all picking up rides elsewhere also, so rustiness can’t really be seen as an excuse!

It’s not even May and we’re out of the BSN Series and KO Cup with just the league to go!

Maybe last week was false hope against a poor Edinburgh side (although the Monarchs are the only team to have beaten Glasgow so far this year).

I know I should be grateful that I’ve got a team to go see every week.. and considering the struggles of some around the country right now I am grateful…

I will continue to go every week.. I’ll continue to pay my contribution to the 5-1 draw… But honestly, do I want to see my team continuously lose?

No… I want to see some fight! I want riders for my team who can gate… Who are ruthless and will push to the limits….who have a desire to win and not just settle!!

Season tickets aren’t cheap .. we’re in a cost of living crisis! Paying out that sort of money, I want to see success!!

Is that too much to ask for?

Next week’s double header isn’t going to be easy either! Scunthorpe have started well and have riders who again could test our team!

Here’s hoping for better…. And quick!!!

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Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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