Published on 27th November 2020
Author Sarah Charalambous

Okay…. Where was I?

More than a few topics to glance over since last time (I’ll leave the domestic bulletin until the end of this blog, I think) and the news of two young Bandits adding to their racing portfolios maybe tops the list.

Jye will be joining Wittstock Wolves, who are based in Germany but race in Division 2 in Poland. Geographically sensible, as the place is away up in the postage-stamp corner of Germany, close to the border with Polska.

This probably-overdue move gives our (apparently perpetual) Rider of the Year a whole new experience to capitalise on, while (of course) staying as a 100% Bandito. Go-gettum, Reggie!

Also seeking a bit of Polish polish will be young Leon. He’s going to Rybnik, which is about 400 miles further east.

His signing up for Poland can only be a good thing for everyone concerned. He is a young man who is showing the ambition and desire to further himself, and the reality is that can only be done with challenging himself on the continent as racing against the Thompson twins and Joe Lawler (for example, no offence to them) certainly won’t help him in the long term!

He may rack up a few stinkers and think why is he bothering — but it is those meetings in which he will learn the most about himself!! Like Jye, Leon has already committed himself to Berwick still and hopefully we will reap the benefits of their progression in the sport!

Having already announced that they will be sticking with the same line-up as announced for 2020, your promotion continue to show faith in our tried and trusted favourites, the only change from 2019 being forced by Kev’s retirement.. Do I approve? Hmmmmmmmm…..

Should I answer myself here? I believe that they are sticking with the team to show loyalty to riders and sponsors already lined up for these guys, but I’d certainly consider changing the line up! Maybe we’ve been too loyal in the past which has cost us before! That’s just my opinion though… a ruthless fan hungry to see her team win!

There will be the happy clappy chappies out there who are happy to just watch anything… but I’ve been around for a long time and seen too many barren years!

If we do win something (I can always dream) it’s a crying shame Kevin Doolan won’t be part of it. Gone home – damn! It makes me feel old, so God knows how folk like Mister B are feeling!

I remember Kev in the 1999 Bordernapolis. I remember his first season with us in 2002. I remember his blistering seasons with King’s Lynn when I’d sit and curse and wonder what had changed from when he was with us! To see him back at Berwick was just great, and at times he actually behaved like an “adult” – again, damn!!

Didn’t think I would see the day!

I also didn’t think I’d see a coronavirus vaccine so soon, either. Hmmmmm.

I don’t believe we should be “forced” or it be “mandatory” to have it before we can enter places, but I am in no way anti-vax… if I was then Alexander would not have had the MMR…

However, I’m just very, very wary of how they’ve been able to get this out so quickly when there’s so many other things out there which have been researched for years and no miracle cures or vaccinations found.

I DO believe that masks should be mandatory though. Even outdoors, like at speedway. Thankfully, even if vaccination takes a while to come through, in a stadium the size of ours it will be easier to socially distance for sure!

Finally (I know there are kind souls who read these things, and sympathise!) me personally…

Well, I’m bored shitless… sent home from work at the end of October and have twiddled my fingers since then!

32 weeks preggers and I must say I have never felt as worn down by pain as I have for the last few months — this is definitely the worst part for a woman… I just want it over… I don’t want pain!

I don’t want to have to stab myself with needles four times a day — I can do it happily to others but to myself… nah!

Yes, you’re right — nurses make bloody awful patients!

Thankfully, I’ve got a husband who has had to have the patience of a saint lately.. a man who wakes up at all hours of the night to help me.. the one who is rubbing cooling gel into my back, hips and legs… the one who puts up with my tears and mood swings!

Although naturally, I blame him for getting me into this state in the first place!

Disagree with Sarah? If you’re brave enough, get in touch on berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk — but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Sarah Charalambous
Sarah Charalambous

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